Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The house to myself....ahhhh what a feeling....

For the first time in over a week, the kids are all back to school.  Last week with our snow and ice, the girls were out of school for the full week and even the college closed up until Thursday for Tyler.  With yesterday being a holiday, they were all home again.  I love my children dearly and love to spend time with them.  There comes a time, however, when I need my space.  I now have a moment to think about all the things that I need to get done, but now want to only sit and enjoy the empty house.  I guess I can allow myself the time to enjoy the moment before proceeding to accomplish some much needed tasks.

One the agenda for the week is to begin planning for our August Disney Vacation.  This is something that I enjoy and can't wait to have everything all planned.  I can make our dining reservations on February 15th.  I hope that the park hours for August are online soon so that I can properly plan!!  A month or so prior to our trip, I will purchase the Ride-Max software again (ridemax.com).  This is the most awesome planning tool and is well worth the money.  I recommend it to anyone headed to Disney that doesn't want to spend the majority of their day standing in lines. 

Smiles and fun is what it is all about, not the lines.  I can't wait to spend a week at Disney with my family this summer!!

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wonderfullyflo.com said...

Have always wanted to go to Disney Land...wouldnt know where to start though! Perhaps you could do a post with some tips? :)