Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tuesday with Dorie - White Loaves

Yes, I know it's Thursday, but I'm 2 days late. Better late than never..??..??

The Tuesday's with Dorie group is a blogging group that just started another Dorie Greenspan cookbook, Baking with Julie. We will bake a different recipe from the cookbook every two weeks and the group will all post about the recipe on Tuesday (oops).

This week we baked bread. Wonderful, easy to put together white bread. I only took a few pictures, perhaps I was in a trance from the wonderful aroma.

The dough is now in the bread pans for the 2nd rise. I only have blue plastic wrap, so it looks a little odd.

The bread is done! The internal temperature was at 200.
Don't they look so good. I had an end piece. I love the crust of home baked breads.

To get more information on this recipe, go to the hosts site and find the recipe.

If you want to bake along with us, order Baking with Julia. We just started, so you can bake with us too!!


Cher Rockwell said...

This was a nice recipe to start off with, wasn't it? It is fun to see everyone's nice golden loaves.

Jessica said...

The loaves look incredible, even in the blue wrap! The aroma of fresh bread is intoxicating, I agree.